How was it dressed up?

An update to bring more style into this alternative fashion brand's image. A cute take on macabre is the perfect approach that reflects the wide variety of inspirations that the brand pulls from.


Tasked with finding a local company that was in need of a brand refresh, I set my eyes on a small alternative fashion boutique in the Byward Market. All Dolled Up sells such a very wide variety of clothing styles that labeling it all under "alternative fashion" would be an understatement. Their customer base is even more diverse. Going through all the possibilities to properly represent the brand was a struggle.


Which means we want to pique interest starting from high-school but also want to keep the brand from being perceived as too childish. Alternative fashion brings a wide variety of subjects that can be pulled from; with major sources being goth and pop-culture inspired. The factor that ties it all together is the trend being cute and somewhat quirky.


The skull logo is gothic but fun. It gets the quirkiness in and is proportioned to be very cutesy. It gives off a sense of prettiness, which you can see in the blush, eyelashes, and flowers. The flowers are a large set piece because they denote beauty, and are timeless and always in style. The strokes are heavily weighted to allow recognizability at all sizes and to give it a sense of boldness. The flower has a reversed out stroke which allows it to maintain its floral delicateness.

Old All Dolled Up Logo.
New All Dolled Up Logo.
First panoramic view of logo sketches.
Second panoramic view of logo sketches.
New All Dolled Up Logo.
New All Dolled Up Logo.
New All Dolled Up Logo.