Look at some construction notes

I love trying to subvert expectations. The animation starts with a word being erected in 2-dimensions. It then continues on to stack up and convert to a 3D scene of a “BUILDING” revealing that that was the word all along. It shows creativity spoken with simplicity.


This is a project from early in my motion journey. The literal challenge was to animate a word so that it explained itself. Personally, I also challenged myself to try and make it as minimalistic as possible. I wanted to see just how much character I could squeeze out of a regular looking typeface.


I'll share a little secret with you: I completely intended to only use the word "BUILD" at first. The transition to the word "BUILDING" was an epiphany I had while drawing the story board. I had a ton of fun figuring out how to transition from two dimensions to three for the first time.


The animation turned out very smooth. The two dimension to three dimension transition really nails the idea that building almost anything usually starts on paper and goes up from there. The typeface choice ended up being a very nice fit with its blocky nature emulating building blocks.

Build progress shot in After Effects